DIY Rose Toner

The underlying problem with acne and blackheads is that the skin’s sebum and oils get clogged within itself and from that forms bacteria. Your skin produces natural oils which protect the skin but with that when you eat certain foods and are exposed to different environmental elements, the oils attract dirt and your poor skin starts breaking out.

Organic branded skincare can be somewhat expensive, however, you can make your own toner with ingredients you’ll probably have at home or can get for under £15 and it’ll last for a few months.

One of the reasons I chose the ingredients in this toner is because they help remove that excess oil, maintain the skin’s PH balance and stop new spots from forming, simply because of the healing properties of each ingredient.

Use this in the morning when you wake up and again in the evening just before cleansing and it will help control your acne. I also use this after workout sessions. You can swap the lid for a spray nozzle and use it on the body too, it’s effective if you suffer from bacne.

What you need: 100ml Rosewater, 4 drops Tea Tree and 4/5 tablespoons Witch Hazel

Why I use these ingredients:

Properties of Tea Tree Oil

Treats acne


Anti-viral and anti-candida

Properties of Witch Hazel

Fades blemishes

Cooling, so it reduces puffiness

Natural astringent

Refines pores

Retains moisture

Properties of Rosewater


Balances PH

Removes excess oil



Mix all three together, give it a shake and you’re good to go! I use a glass bottle to store the toner in – I’ve re-used my S.W Basics toner bottle.

Let me know how you get on!

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