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Cruelty-Free Fine Fragrances

Fragrances are incredibly personal as they act as mood enhancers. A good fragrance accentuates your natural scent and shouldn’t ever feel overpowering to you or those around you. As your skin is a breathable organ what you put on it also seeps into your bloodstream. Most fragrances are chemically-charged and although they hold a beautiful scent what is used to create the scent can turn out toxic. This is part of the reason I look for natural perfumes because like my skincare, I need the fragrances to be kind to my skin, not aggravate it.

It used to be that vegan or natural fragrances smelt like your nanna (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I love the vintage floral scent), but times have evolved and so has the industry that creates these products.

The brands below all use cruetly-free, all natural, organic when possible, wild-crafted ingredients. Some of these fragrances are so incredibly pure and thought about during creation that you’ll never go back to those artifical scents again!

Le Labo

Le Labo are the epitome of fine fragrance, where you don’t just buy a fragrance you buy into a journey, one that allows you to dip into the world of the “commune of craftswomen and craftsmen who contribute to and shape le labo’s world… from the wood maker to the metal worker to the candle pourer to the lab technician to the rose picker to the illustrator… and oh yes, to the perfumer too !”

Le Labo (French for ‘the lab’) is the brainchild of Fabrice Penot and partner, Eddie Roschi and is grown in the heart of New York City and is fuelled by passion and intention. The brand were aquired by Estee Lauder in 2014 but the philoshohy remains the same.

I’m not going to lie: Le Labo fragrances will change your life (I’m in love with their Rose scent).


Abel fragrances are as much an art and as they are a science; a philosophy that is deeply rooted in the brand’s product base. Created by New Zealand natives Frances Shoemack and , the company was born out of the notion to create the world’s most natural fragrances. All of their ingredients are derived from natural sources and support fair trade and sustainability.

The Colbalt Amber is a sophisticated parfum, boasting a light, spicy but gentle sweet scent.

Top Notes – pink pepper, cardamom, juniper berry, cacao, tonka, peru balsam

Heart Notes – pink pepper, cardamom, juniper berry, cacao, tonka, peru balsam

Base Notes – amber

Pour La Monde

Wendi created the brand Pour Le Monde after her search for chemical-free fragrances during her pregnancy. Because I’m a sucker for any kind of citrus scent, my favourite is the Empower fragrance from the collection. Ideal for spring as the scent is fresh and playful and can be worn by men and women.

Top notes: Exquisite citruses from all over the world! Persian lime, Italian Bergamot, Brazilian Orange, Florida grapefruit and lemon for a citrus splash

Heart notes:  Cassis, lemongrass and the peddly soft orange flower play well with the energy and cleanness of spearmint and super grade basil

Base notes: The sensual warmth of cedar wood, naturally derived benzoin and a drop of Indonesian patchouli make Empower a comforting and traditional eau de parfum

Lake and Skyes 11

Created by Courtney Somer, a yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist, this roll-on fragrant oil is all about awakening feeling and evoking vibrant energy. Think about the energy that buzzes through you after a great yoga class, this is a recreation.  clean, a bit sweet, and super elegant.)

The Fragrance 11 11 is clean but with a slightly sweet note. Think gardenias floating in the ocean,  it’s super crisp and elegant for day and night. No parabens or sulphates.

Forager Botanicals

Using wild crafted ingredients, Forager fragrances are vegan and use organic elements where possible. The fragrances are handcrafted in Brooklyn by founder Casey Coyle, who as a young girl used to make her own perfumes from flower petals and water.

A personal favourite is the Island Lei, which has hints of sandalwood and vanilla, boasting a tropical rainforest scent that’s not overpowering, yet neither is it overly subtle.

Palermo Body

If you prefer oils that enhance your mood as well as keep you smelling good, Palermo’s tranquillity aromatherapy rollerball oil with hints of lavender, blue yarrow and cypress is the one for you. The tri-blend helps soothe your body and mind, relieving exhaustion and mental fatigue.  Palermo Body was created by founder, Jessica Morelli, whose holistic-beauty loving Nonna was her inspiration and driving force.

The brand does 2 other scents; one with hints of citrus containing grapefruit, lemongrass and tea tree and another more sensual blend which contains Jasmine, Sandalwood and Cardamom.

Honore Des Pres

Inspired by all of nature’s darling moments, these fragrances are refreshing and designed to calm the mind ad soul. For their Loves Les Carrots,  Honore des Pres delicately blend raw carrots with sweet orange, iris butter, bourbon vanilla, patchouli, and benjoin to create an organic alchemy.

Other scents include coconut water and tuberose.


Created in the South West of France, Acorelle fragrances are simple and kind to the skin and environment. environment. My personal favourite is their White Orchid: a fresh, delicate scent which is perfect for all seasons of the year. The perfume has top notes of orange, honeysuckle and peach, heart notes of rose and base notes of vanilla.

Cruelty free fragrance

Do you use any that are not listed here? Let me know and I’ll add them in.



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