Call it cactus city or something like it, this is Conservatory Archives, an urban botanical haven located in the edgy, north-east borough of Hackney, London. Away from the hustle and bustle of Colombia market, you’d probably miss it altogether if you weren’t searching for it.

Not a large space, in fact, it’s a tight squeeze due to its popularity. But if you find yourself lucky enough to have the shop to yourself for a few minutes, it feels as though you’ve been transported out of the city into a moment of oasis.

The space is a motley collection of plants: Cacti, Succulents, yucca, mosses, algae and shrubs; in all shapes and sizes. Hanging, climbers, potted. Whatever your living space needs, the shop has and if you don’t know what it needs Conservatory Archives provides a haven of inspiration.

Cactus on display

Plants and pastels

Green space Lonon

Hanging plants London
Conservatory Archives in Hackney

Urban space in London

Ceramic pots

Cacti Window

Hanging plants

Green London

Conservatory Archives are situated at 493-495 Hackney Road. London, E2 9ED

All photographs are taken by me. If you use them please credit!

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