Pastel houses Notting Hill

I have a prolific obsession with doors, so over the weekend when I met up with a friend in Notting Hill I went slightly photo-crazy and snapped shots of some of the most beautiful front doors in London [that I found].

If you’ve never been to Notting Hill the area is dotted with coloured houses that vary in shades as you walk from street to street; pastels to shocking pinks to bright yellows and reds to sombre grey and caramels. The place is a photographer and Instagram-er’s dream.

Pink door notting hill

Notting Hill colourful houses

Blue house Notting Hill

Colourful houses in London

London door tour

House in Notting Hill

The Love Actually House

St Lukes Mews

St Lukes Mews

St Lukes Mews

St Lukes Mews

Door quote

Every living thing requires effort

St Lukes Mews

Noting Hill

The doors in Notting Hill

Farm Girl Cafe Notting Hill

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