Morning routine 2017

My Morning Routine 2017

The night before, I always turn my WIFI off. Firstly, to ward off unnecessary radiation whilst I sleep and secondly, to stop the distraction of wanting to look through emails and social media first thing in the morning.

My alarm goes off around 6.45 am and as soon as I get up, I’ll drink up a full glass of water; this pushes my body into alert mode, and then I head straight for the shower so I am ready to do my morning prayer or meditation.

I live in London but in India it is custom to have a daily prayer ritual and nearly every household offers prayer which usually lasts half an hour or so. At the temples it’s slightly longer; around one to two hours. If you’ve ever read Eat, Pray, Love you’ll be familiar with this.

I pray using mala beads, which I brought from the Hare Krishna temple in Watford last summer (it’s a beautiful, sacred place and every faith is welcome, if you ever feel the need for a spiritual getaway).

There are about 108 beads in the mala and I usually say a mantra from the Bhagavad Gita. Actually, George Harrison was a big fan of this type of mantra and used to take his set of beads everywhere with him when he used to tour for The Beatles.

One of the reasons I try to do this daily is because I’m always moving so fast, trying to get everything done quicker: eat, work, write, listen, but then I think to myself, why? Where am I going in such a hurry? I know life is unpredictable but is there any reason not to go slow? There’s a quote I adore: I don’t want to live fast and die young, I want to live slow and watch my grandkids grow – Austin Kleon.

I’ve been practicing this routine daily, sometimes it’ll take about 45 minutes or so but I feel that that time belongs to The Universe and me, so I don’t ever feel that I should be doing something else.

I know some people are not into about prayer but I see it as a personal way to say thank you, to God, to the universe, to everything, for all that I know, have and love. I don’t talk much about this because I feel it’s a very sacred part of me and I always feel a little vulnerable when I do but it’s really helped me worry less and take control of my anxiety so if it can help anyone else out there that needs some calm in their life, it’s to let you know it’s helped me. Even if you don’t believe in God, it’s just a good way to savor sometime in the early mornings just for yourself.

After I finish, I’ll have some toast and ginger tea and over the weekends I try and do some juicing.

I get to work areound 9.15 am, this is when I’ll check emails, social media and news. Some days whilst I work I’ll listen to TED talks or motivational videos on You Tube. I’ve been listening a lot to Russell Brand’s Under The Skin podcasts recently, in which there’s a lot of questioning the world and new-world order philosphy invloved intertwined with intellectual wit and savant.

For me the gratification comes from knowing that I took time out to say thanks and everything else feels easy to handle during the day. I can’t explain it, call it divine intervention if you will but I feel protected.

I’m not going to tell you that prayer or meditation will cure all your problems but it will put you in a mind-set to think about the best way to alleviate them.

Morning Routine 2017

Do you have any early morning rituals? Let me know below 🙂

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