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Minimalist Bedroom Decor: What You Need & What You Don’t

Ever since I watched the documentary Minimalism, the way I look at things, literally, has changed. My habitat is slowly changing to incorporate a lifestyle that doesn’t require much to enjoy honest content. I’ve already started re-doing my bedroom, my wardrobe and my spending habits. It feels good, it feels really good. Having minimal belongings somehow constitutes to not being tied down, and in a way I guess that’s not far from actuality. Because having less means it’s easier to uproot when you feel without the added stress of loading and unloading “stuff”. For me, mental clarity goes hand in hand with practising minimal living and coming home to a less cluttered bedroom means I won’t be sitting in it with a equally cluttered mind. 

If you’ve been wanting to try minimal living, below are my tips on how to begin with minimal bedroom decor. It’s the best place to start as we spend a lot of time in it. 

I start off with what you should keep/have:


I need to admit I am quite the plant fiend but this isn’t biased opinion: a room is not a room unless it has some form of plant life. Okay, so maybe it is. Have you heard the term ‘plant lady is the new cat lady’? That’s basically me in a nutshell. Saying that, and I’m contradicting myself here, I do have a 3 plant maximum in the bedroom though because after all, this lifestyle is about minimalism.

Hands down my favourite plant for the bedroom is the Peace Lily and not just because of its harmonious name. The Peace Lily is a NASA, yep NASA-approved house plant. Meaning it has the ability to clean the air in a room. It lives best in shady areas, so perfect for corners, and you only need to water them once a week. The bonus is you’ll be welcomed every evening to its floral scent.

If you prefer hanging-plants, I would suggest the Heartleaf Philodendron but the care for this is a little more as you’d need to prune and adjust it as it grows.


Up until recently, I had a whole wall space full of books and magazines. It’s a natural habit to keep every single book that I’d read but my room wasn’t a library even though I was treating it like one. But…I do still have books on this list because you can have up to 5 great books before it looks like a clutter build up. So, my advice is pick wisely because there are a lot of good ones out there. If you tend to float toward magazines I would follow the same advice, although, i tend to keep magazines in the living room using the same minimalism principals.

Low maintenance furniture

I think when people hear the word minimal living they picture clinical in terms of décor, but this is absolutely not the case. I like the term Cosy minimal and I’m a bit fan of the Danish word ‘Hygge’, pronounced Hoo-guh, it equates to cosy and is a representation of a feeling. Think understated exuberance and furniture that is not covering every morsel of the room. More space than things. I like to seek out vintage recycled pieces and if you go to any vintage market, you’ll score some amazing bargains. Portobello market in Notting Hill is my favourite haunt. 


Not so much artificial lighting but actual daylight. If you’re windows are covered in heavy curtains, swap them out for linen or voile, it’ll soften up the space and softer tones work best for a minimal look.

Wall art

I love the idea of white walls but I’m not overly keen on bare walls. There are tons of minimal prints on Etsy, and they can be as minimal as you want them to be. Personally, I love geometric shapes, pastels and coppers and dark greys but a hint of colour doesn’t drive me mad.

What you shouldn’t keep/have:


This is a complete no-no because, well, just no. Netflix can win me over these days but TV before bed keeps the brain wired for a long time.

Cheap furniture

Don’t get me wrong, Ikea do the most amazing adverts and they have some great items in store but all that flat pack. I’d rather have nature that is alive in my room rather than dead trees. So any flat pack DIY is out for me.

Heavy furnishings

Anything that looks like it’s built for fit for a queen will probably have to go, sorry! Cosy minimalism, yes, but bulky curtains, throws and too many pillows conflict with a minimal decor. And being minimal doesn’t mean you can’t go bright it just means there is much less of it.




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