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Before last year, meditation did not “appeal” to me. I’m pretty sure it was due to the fact that I had convinced myself that my thoughts could not be tamed. Mentions of the m-word would leave me sceptical about whether humans could actually switch off whilst being switched on – to me it was quite literally impossible.

It’s often said that creative minds are rarely tidy, and that’s truer than white but it’s also been said that in order to increase the mind’s capability, it needs to switch off. Think of it as rebooting your system for it to get rid of the mess in order to work, or in our cases, think.

Now, I cannot see myself going even a single day without meditation. Which is why if you find it difficult to switch off I recommend trying guided meditation.

Below I share my favourite meditation apps to help me and can help you unwind and detach from the realities of the world.


Headspace was one the first meditation apps I used and I’m glad because it kick-started my need for quiet time. It’s a great one for beginners because it’s guided meditation. The voice you’ll hear belongs to Andy Puddicombe, the founder of Headspace and a former Buddhist monk. One of the reasons I got into this app is because he has a soothing voice which is not in any way obtrusive to the act itself.

The app is free, to begin with, and it takes you through a sequence of 10 ten minute meditation sessions which can be performed on your commute, at work or at home. It also includes short animations in between which take you through how guided meditation works and how it benefits you.

The paid version costs £4.99 a month; this is the current plan I’m on. For me, it’s incredibly reasonable considering how much it benefits my well-being and we pay huge amounts to keep our body fit, why not the mind too.


Buddhify is another guided meditation app, but what I like about this one is it also allows you to set timers on non-guided time. Specifically designed for people who lead busy lives, if you happen to live and work in London or any busy city, this one is for you.

The app offers you different meditation options depending on what activity you are doing, whether it’s travelling, or eating or going to sleep. I love the graphics on this app and it’s incredibly easy to use.

The app shows you stats on how you are doing over time and if you need any tips, it has them ready for you, you can become a tiny Buddha in no time at all!

The app costs £3.99 to buy and it’s free thereafter.

Stop. Breathe & Think

What I love about this app is it not only targets your mental state but also your physical and emotional wellbeing. You could argue that all meditation does that and I won’t tell you otherwise, but I like quiet time to reflect on areas such as compassion, kindness, gratitude and joy and the guided meditations on this app follow each of these areas.

You can also purchase content which talks you through welcoming your day and dealing with anxiety – where the physical wellbeing comes in because if you have ever tackled anxiety you’ll know it plays havoc with your body. The extra content costs $1.99 each.

Set timers for 6 minutes or 15 minutes, which is perfect depending on how much time you have but even a 6-minute meditation every day will do wonders for your mind.


I feel as though this app is specifically designed for sleep and recuperation. As soon as you enter the app you are welcomed with serene animated backdrops that allow your mood to drift off into peace.

The programmes are all goal specific, so you’ll have 7 days of calming anxiety, 7 days of sleep, 7 days of focus and so on. There are new medications every day, which means you can slowly feel transported into calm.

This app drops a notification on your phone which reminds you to meditate at the same time the following day, I like that because I usually drop what I’m doing and allow myself to turn off.

What apps put you in the Zen zone?

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